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  • I recently downloaded the Oragami theme. I wanted to change the size of text in the header, because letters were getting cut off.
    So I tried to edit the text height. Instead it made the entire pages text small and unreadable. I tried to change it back, but it won’t restore.
    Also, I want update my home page, so when select within the WordPress admistration, There is Homepage slider and it is “off” with no way of turning on to change the cover.

    I looked through your forum but no one with simliar issues.
    Please advise. Also, I am not super tech savvy.

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  • Are you using a Child Theme or custom CSS to make changes? It’s not recommended to make changes to theme files as those changes will be overwritten when the theme is updated.

    If you’ve messed up the theme CSS file, you can download a new copy of the theme to your computer and replace that file.

    Thanks, I did that and everything is as it should look.

    However, I’m trying to edit my home page, there is a slider button that is “off” it will not turn on. I want to be able to edit my home page.

    I’ve not used this theme, but I just installed it – I see that button. So clicking on it won’t change it? If so, try deactivating your plugins and try it again.

    I deactivated and tried it again. I feel I’m getting so close.
    I still cannot update the main page with my menus.
    When I use the “Update Theme” I get a list of options on the right hand side of my screen, but when I try to select even one, it goes through a cycle of reloading automatically, It is bizarre.

    I like the theme, but I made the error in upgrading to the premium.
    So I’m invested in it.

    I tried contacting Site Orgin, but I have to wait.
    It seems that theme is having difficulty with WordPress

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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