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  1. jahvibesallday
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hello Everyone,

    Please understand I am new to coding and building sites, and I have already thoroughly researched my problem. I would like the best advice to recover my site.

    The other day I looked up how to remove the author, date and time from the bottom of my posts and I was successful at removing it from my front page by experimenting and learning on my own, but other pages still had the info at the bottom. I researched the issue, and tried this:

    Went to the editor, function, and towards the bottom of the code added */ before some things and I refreshed the page to see what changes would happen and I couldn't view my page and I couldn't access my /wd-admin page. I contacted the theme creator and he said it required FTP access which my host send pepper won't give up because they host it for free. Will I be able to switch my domain to go daddy with my site in this condition and then be able to get the FTP access from them? Does anyone have a better solution? I appreciate and respect all feedback and I have learned my lesson. Thank You.

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