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    I’m brand new at this. Using the Editor tool, I attempted to adjust the “Powered by WordPress” footer to add another line, with my copyright info. It worked fine on the static pages. But it’s not appearing on the blog page, and I can’t figure out why.

    I’m running 2013, the site is


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  • Hi Jacabraham, I see what you mean.

    When you say

    Using the Editor tool, I attempted to adjust the “Powered by WordPress”

    do you mean that you have edited the footer.php file of the theme?

    And if so, did you create a childtheme first?

    Sorry to ask, but since you mention that you are new to WordPress, you may not know that this is an essential first step if you want to start editing the theme files.

    Let me know and I’ll try to help you.

    Yes, I edited the footer.php file. I did not create a childtheme

    If you edited the footer.php file, all of your changes will be lost when WP is updated – because it’s a default theme – that’s not a good way to go. It would be best to move your changes to a child theme as posted above.

    Won’t I still have to re-enter the changes (only now via the childtheme) every time WP updates?

    No, because the update will only change the theme’s own files, not the child theme’s files. Just try to do it, and you will soon understand exactly why – trust us 🙂

    And from there we’ll tackle the footer issue.

    ok i’ll give it a try… meantime the amended footer has now magically appeared on the blog page too… no idea why suddenly it works. Also dealing with a separate problem. The Google news widget I installed does not appear to be updating. Ah the joys of starting something new. Thanks again for the help. Will holler if I need further assistance

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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