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  • Hi Folks,

    is there a way, to make my multi-user-blog-users submit all changes on published pages and posts for a review? At the moment, submitting for review only comes with new posts & pages, while the capability “publish_pages” (oder posts) is not given. As soon, as a page or post is published by e.g. an editor and the user can “edit_published_pages”, every change on a published page will appear online on the frontend. Which is unwanted, as the user should NOT publish pages – including changes on published pages.

    To me, it woul be more logical, if a user can only publish pages or changes, if the capability “publish_pages” (or posts) is given to him.

    Has anyone an idea for a workaround?

    Thx! liqui (who mistyped the own name at regstration! URGS!)

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  • Did you ever figure this out? We have the same need..
    Page is published previously -> Editor makes a change and “submits for review” -> Admin gets an email -> approves(publishes) edited page. done.

    We found a plugin that does something similar but it removes the page content when waiting for approval which is unnecessary, it should just have two versions of the page.

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