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  • sputnick3k


    I am converting an existing static website into wordpress. I need help on 1 aspect.

    The client has a single flash graphic that uses and XML file to load external content. Simple and common enough. EXCEPT! The client wants to be able to edit the flash graphic ( the XML ) on their own without diving into the code. So i need a interface that makes it easy to edit from WordPress itself. This seems like a common enough situation but can’t seem to find much, if any, support.

    I did find:
    XML Gallery

    This plugin in 75% of what I need but 1) It’s Buggy, and 2) I need to customize how the XML is displayed so that it can work with the flash.

    This is the site I am working on.

    It’s the top right banner.

    Does anyone have any solutions? HELP!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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