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    Hello there,

    I have a few questions regarding to the local connection to my website (i am using wamp servers and dreamweaver).

    My main problem is, that i have a website with a friend who did the setup things through a provider.
    So as i read through the internet i watched a few guides on how to setup my wordpress with my website. The problem is now that i really dont know where to get the necessary information to connect wordpress to exactly this homepage (especially the wp-configs like DB_Name and so on, i guess those are the information i need to start customize my site via code) .

    Or do i just need the localhost/wordpress login information ? I am a bit confused as you see 😀

    Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

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  • Hi there,

    The DB_Name and Co. are only needed during the WordPress installation process and the system adds them to wp_config for you, so you don’t need to edit wp_config yourself.

    It is not clear from your message whether you need the database name for your localhost (WAMP) or for the other website setup by your friend.

    If it is the website already setup, you don’t normally need to change wp_config if WordPress is already installed.

    If it is for your localhost, you will probably need to create the MySQL database before running the installation. WAMP should give you the information you need to connect to your local MySQL server. If it helps, I have used MAMP in the past (the Mac version of WAMP) and this is the info it provides (it will be something similar for WAMP):

    `Host localhost
    Port 3306
    User root
    Password root
    Socket /Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock`

    You will need to enter those settings to connect to the MySQL server. You can use PHPmyAdmin or a similar tool for that.

    Hope this helps.



    thanks for your reply it helped me to understand the process little bit better.

    Yes it is for my localhost. I already created a database with wamp and connected them. The last thing i am missing is to connect dreamweaver to have access to the website to customize it with code. I suppose thats how it works.

    Where do i exactly get those information and where do i put them ? (in the wp_config ? )


    Sometimes I find it easier to make the actual website on localhost and when I’m done, I can transfer the website to the actual domain. When I had to make a redesign for my client I first made the website on localhost so their current webshop won’t be affected.

    I’m developing websites on a Mac, so i’m using MAMP as my localhost database. Afterwards I downloaded WordPress and installed it. After the installation I made sure that my wp-config.php file inside the root folder, matches the information from my MAMP server.

    Typically its something around

    Host: xxxx (im my case 8888)
    Username: root
    Password: root (may be different from yours)

    Those are just my information for my MAMP server, make sure you check yours so it matches, then your website should be up and running on localhost.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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