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  • hey guys, I’ve been searching for days on this but can’t seem to find an answer. I’m running the wonderful Vistered Little theme, but I’m feeling a little cramped on the width of the content box.

    I’ve dug around the files and I think I’m supposed to find the answer inside the style.css file. I think it’s set for 492 px wide, but when I make it bigger, everything gets funky.

    I’ve been reading CSS manuals and I’m completely blind at this point. Could someone just tell me which values I need to increase?

    thanks so much,

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  • It is never as simple as it seems 🙂
    Usually there is a kind of “container” div that keeps together the sidebar and the content part… so, increasing just the content part will not work – you need to change the width of the outer container element, too, accordingly.

    Vistered Little “runs” using an OOB solution known as themetoolkit, and many of the functions for various things are run through themetoolkit.php and functions.php. I’ve never taken it apart enough to know for sure, but I tend to think you’re supposed to tweak through some sort of options page backend.

    Other than that, you might try contacting the author….

    Hey Mike,
    I just recently completed this same tweak of vistered little which you can see here:

    In style.css adjust the width values for:

    .blog img (max-width – optional but nice if you want to
    post wider images in the content container.)


    I also expanded the widths of three .png images in
    the images/default folder:

    Hope this helps. Email me if you have ?’s or would like the whole theme.

    Bodhi – bodhi [at] ALL7 [dot] com

    Does anyone know how I can delete all the options for changing the background and just use my own? – I’d love to replace the background changing options with a menu bar of pages, but I think that might be tricky. lol


    Nice Avalokiteshvara Thangka, Bodhirayo.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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