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  • sumoyoshi


    Hi guys,

    had issues with my wordpress install where I could write and post a blog post and it would be perfectly fine, however if I go and click “edit” in the visualiser the images are missing where before the url would show it now just shows “src=””” like the URL has been stripped from the edit screen.

    It also removes hyperlinks where I have added them successfully, unless I try to edit and push the update to save. I can’t for the life of me figure out why it is doing this all of a sudden. I’ve backed up all my posts and created a brand new WordPress install on another host (Digital Ocean this time) and posted a few, then hit edit… it seemed to work OK the first few tests I did, no problems.

    however I tried an hour later and I’m getting the same issue again. Why would WordPress be removing my image URL and the hyperlink URL’s when I click on edit post?

    I’ve done it with no plugins and the standard wordpress theme, I’ve done it with a bunch of plugins I use and Hueman theme, I’ve started a fresh 4.9.1 on a completely different host with nothing related to my previous install or site and same issue. I’ve used multiple computers, various different browsers with and without extensions, I’ve even tried it from my mobile phone. WordPress 4.9.1 seems to be having fun removing my images as soon as I click on edit post. I can click the broken image and click the pencil for “edit image” and the image appears…. I can press submit and the image comes back.

    until I try and edit the post and submit it again. then all the url’s are immediately missing. what am i missing in this process?

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    as soon as I click “edit post” I get this for all of my broken images –

    img class=”aligncenter wp-image-325″ src=”” alt=”alt tags go here” width=”537″ height=”716″ />

    if I don’t edit or update a post everything just works perfectly. Just now when I click edit and look very quickly I can see the image URL disappear before my eyes and turn into what it is above.

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    Install Health Check plugin and see if it is a plugin or theme related conflict

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    health check shows nothing and considering I put 4.9.1 on a brand new account on a completely different web host today tells me that it has nothing to do with a “theme or plugin” because the new host had absolutely nothing to do with the old one

    the only thing that has been the same on both has been CloudFlare running the show, but I have never had an issue with CloudFlare removing URLs and breaking images only when I click on edit post before

    Me neither but I’d recommend removing Cloudflare temporarily if you can – just in case that is the issue.

    What version of PHP is your host running? Seems to be the only common thread…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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