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    when loading a large tour – it either takes a few minutes to load, or it does not load at all & produces an error. the same thing happens when saving a tour – because saving a tour alos re-loads the entire tour! this issue only happens with large tours.
    can you please implement the following suggestions which MIGHT avoid this issue:

    Suggestion 1 – when i click to edit tour – do NOT load the entire tour – just load the general settings tab and the thumbnail placeholders for each scene. then, each scene is & its settings are ONLY loaded when i click on that scene

    Suggestion 2 – when i save the tour (clicking on ‘update’) – it saves, but do NOT re-load the entire tour again – it just stays where i was to continue editing. there is no need to re-load the tour every time i save. (if the update button can only save & reload, then possibly add another ‘save’ button which only saves the tour & does not reload the entire tour)

    i have emailed about this issue a few times & still waiting on a response as this is critical.


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  • Plugin Support Jahir Chowdhury


    Hi @brizkalla ,

    We’ve already replied to your emails on our website’s support system.

    Since you’re using the pro plugin, can you please continue the conversation there?

    You see, this forum is only for our free users.

    Hope you understand.


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