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    Also tried a different theme, same issue occurs there as well.

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    The source seems to be related to jquery.Jcrop in \nextgen-gallery\admin\js\Jcrop

    The version included in NextGen is v0.9.8
    I manually updated that version to the latest (currently 0.9.12).
    The thumbnail issue is resolved after the update:

    Thanks for the post Arnoud. I had the same problem in NextGen Gallery version 1.x, but before trying your fix I updated to NextGen version 2.0.31 in hopes that it would automatically solve the problem, which it did not. I then tried your fix above. Note: For others reproducing these steps please observe that the location of jquery.jcrop.js in NextGen has moved:


    TO (in version 2.x)

    I updated jquery.Jcrop.js to the latest version 0.9.12 ( but the problem is still there. Any other ideas out there?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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