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  • wp version 3.9 beta 1

    Need to edit the ‘more info’ button in carousel. I am hosting my web for foreign readers and need to translate it. The button looks great and I don’t want to hide it. However, I searched php files from backend but still could not find it.

    Do you also know which php file stores the text ‘Home’ ? The one on the navigation bar.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Use Notepad++ to find those things fast and easy!


    1. Download Boot Store theme ZIP file (not via WordPress Themes).
    2. Extract the ZIP.
    3. Open all editable files (e.g. html,txt,css,js) with notepad++ all of them together so you have multiple files opened
    4. CTRL+F for find, type your search query and hit “Find all in all opened documents”

    Here’s an image to illustrate.

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