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  • I’m trying to find where I edit the characters for the (more…) link on the front page? I want to do away with the ellipses and have it be …read more » Can someone point me to the right file(s)? Thanks.
    Sorry for the title, didn’t realize I couldn’t put html there. *kicks self*

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  • <?php the_content('read more','','') ?>

    Why some people prefer the hard-way to do things?

    I guess it’s because the template functions are kind of hard to find unless you do a search. And people don’t like doing searches because they don’t like wading thru all the irrelevant stuff. You’d think everyone would be used to that from Google, but apparently no.

    in india we call it “taa maa tar”

    Anon, were you telling me to go to index.php and find;
    ‘<div class=”storycontent”>’
    ‘<?php the_content(); ?>’
    and replace ‘<?php the_content(); ?>’ with ‘<?php the_content(‘…read more »’); ?>’
    That’s what I would have understood from your answer if I had not found the other solution and posted it before I saw your answer to my post. Is that what you meant?

    Kevin: yes, this what I’m trying to tell.
    Will: I have posted the link to the related function, pointing directly to the_content() options. 🙂
    The template tags manual isn’t long or hard to read, then, reat it 🙂 You will find more and more options to make your template experience better. I love the default index.php, but it is… hm… as sayed in the wp-layout.css header… basic 😉
    And sorry for my poor english, it is not my native language.

    More questions about ‘more..’:
    After a reader has clicked on the (more…) entry, the post opens out OK. Is there a way (a tag) to insert so that the reader can return the view back to its original state? Thanks.

    return the view back to its original state?
    Well in my case the “article intro” is on the home page, so I quess you could always put a link at the bottom of each post that reurns to the front page; Home But then later when the post is being read from archives for example then that wouldn’t be what you want.
    But I am imagining you may be looking for a way to add navigation to the bottom of each post such as;
    <Previous – Category List – Next > or some such in which case the phpGurus will have to point you to the right links and How To’s. I’m still “squaky new” here and to php.

    back to previous page would be the simplest way, I think. Emulates the back button on your browser.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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