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  • I am a newby to blogs & php. I have downloaded “SimpleGreen” theme by Priss and tweaked it a mite. In the upper left corner of the page is the following: “Insert a short description about yourself here, and possibly a small photo, or comment this line out.” I have hunted high and low for where this may be accomplished to no avail.

    Any ideas?

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  • Check in the sidebar.php file….

    I looked there – not there either. :o(

    You are on
    Sorry, we do not offer support for that site.

    Well, I don’t have that theme downloaded, so give a link either to the theme download or to your site, and I’ll see what I can find….

    Ack. I see that you’re on That’s problematic….

    Okay. Wait a sec…. Simple Green isn’t available on Are you running a wordpress blog on space otherwhere?

    I am in the beginning stages of a site of very narrow scope and audience – not ready for open access yet. But if one uses this URL you may see. I am not sure what you mean by “I see that you’re on” ??? I have a freebie site there just to get acquainted with WordPress. Is that it? And what difference does it make?

    Clicking on your name here – shows this link:
    and as I said above, we do not support blogs on that site. Not having any other URI earlier I thought you are asking help for the site. That’s the difference 🙂

    Yes, I see; and realized my error after clicking <Send Post>. :embarrassed:

    Okay, thanks for the link. It’s in the “left sidebar”. So you’ll need to figure out from the files you have available exactly where “left sidebar” is called from. It’s in there. Somewhere. If you have a mega-search n replace program, you could simply select the folder for the theme, and search on “left sidebar” or “author”….

    First of I do not know this theme but you have to look in index.php or in sitebar.php.
    If I look at the source of your website i can see the part where you have to change the text start with; <!– S T A R T L E F T S I D E B A R –>
    My bet would be that it is in index.php or sitebar.php from your theme. (look in wp-content/themes/<name of the theme>/index.php

    Yes, thanks; and I found it in the most likely place: wp_content/themes/simplegreen/index.php. DOH! It’s been a long day!

    Thank you again…

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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