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  • I am reasearching how to solve a problem before I start working on a new project. I recently received a wireframe from a client that defines some of the custom backend changes they need made. Could some one suggest a way to solve this (if possible).

    Below is a simple outline of what they are looking for with regards to setting up the admin area. They are looking for a new custom post type for their needs. Lets call it CustomPostType for now. They also have several custom taxonomies for that post type.

    The tricky part is the organization they are looking for in admin nav. Below is an example outline:

     - add CustomPostType
     - view all CustomPostTypes
     - Export CustomPostType
    - Taxonomy 1
    - Taxonomy 2
    - Taxonomy 3
    - Taxonomy 4

    So you can see that they want to move the taxonomy editors outside CustomPostType that they relate to. So I’m trying to figure out if it possible and how to do it. One idea that crossed my mind:

    I read that its possible to have taxonomies that can be registered across multiple custom posts types (in an array). Perhaps I could create a custom post type called “Filters” where all the taxonomies are registerd (along with also being registered to CustomPostType as well). So they would technically be located and editable inside Filters but still used within the CustomPostType post type. This would allow us to keep the Filters stuff separate from the CustomPostType section in the admin. Is it possible to hide the taxonomies from one of the two post types they are registered to?

    I hope this makes sense. Any help is appreciated.

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  • let me follow up by asking if the editing of taxonomies would need to be set up as a plugin instead so I can define where they appear in the left nav. I’m familiar but no expert at WP3 so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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