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    if this problem has already been reported, i apologize, i just haven’t found another post yet.

    while trying to access ‘edit-tags.php?taxonomy=XXX’ i get a redirect loop error.

    I first noticed this for post tags, as well as custom taxonomies. problem did not exist on categories.

    upon some testing, if i add a post tag (or term to any of the erring custom taxonomies), there is no redirect loop. so it seems the problem is only occurring with empty taxonomies. (category has the default ‘uncategorized’, so didn’t have the problem)

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  • Dion Hulse


    Lead Developer

    I cant reproduce this. Can you check that it’s not a plugin issue by switching to the default theme and disabling all plugins?

    I apologize for this. I don’t know why i didn’t think to check this first. a few hours after posting and thinking about the issue, this sort of dawned on me.

    i’m actually not using any plugins at the moment, but upon trying the twenty-ten theme, the problem was gone. obviously something is breaking this in my theme.



    encontrei a solução para esse erro revisando a pag ‘edit-tags.php’ do wordpress 3.0 contra a do wordpress 3.1 e descobrir uma função no cabeçario que diz:

    if ( !current_user_can( $tax->cap->manage_terms ) )
    	wp_die( __( 'Cheatin’ uh?' ) );

    ou seja se o usuario corrente pode ver dentro da variavel tax cap e manage terms o wordpress morre com o erro, acredito que as expressoes estejam erradas por que transformei em arqumentos essa pagina e o erro desapareceu!

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