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  • Hello ppl.
    I am new to wordpress so I need to ask you something.
    This is my website and I am using this theme .
    So I want to shorten space between title text which says “powered by and pages menu.
    I also need to change title font and color.I know that probably I need to edit css options in my theme via editor but I need exactly step by step how to do it.
    Thanks in advance

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  • esmi


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    I would strongly recommend that you start by creating a a child theme for your changes.

    Well I thought this was going to be much more simple:(
    Ok,but what about that style.css?Can I just copy parent theme style.css into my child theme,and then edit it?



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    No. The child’s stylesheet should only contain your changes.

    Well,as I can see,this requires some css knowledge,which I do not have:)

    I recommend using theme companion

    then go to appearance -> companion

    adding this line:

    #header {
         height: auto;

    then saving.

    A 1000 thanks for this m8.I managed to do this regardin the space between title and menu,and what lines I need to add to change fonts and colors of title and tagline?

    #header h1 a { } and #header .description {}

    I have managed to change the description color but I just cannot find the line of code in which to change title colors.Can I paste my style.css and default-style.css here so u can take a look?

    No, I have those here on my system

    If you cannot find those entities to modify you create them.

    For example, if #header .description {} does not exist, you add it to the style-default.css of the child theme or use the plugin Theme Companion

    Just cause it doesn’t exist in the stylesheet doesn’t mean that you can’t modify it.

    So, to change the color of the description, you would either find it in the stylesheets or add it to it.

    #header .description { color: #fff; }

    I did change description color but I do not know what code to use to change title and hover title colors

    Just go to my page in first post and see it there.I want to change red hovering title color and the white title non-hoverin color,so what code to add in companion.

    #header h1 a:link, #header h1 a:visited { color: #000; }
    #header h1 a:hover { color: #f00; }

    Thanks m8 for everything.Thats it!Solved!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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