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  • Hello,

    I have a couple of custom post types. On one of my custom post types, the “Edit” button for the slugs has vanished when on the edit page.

    Any ideas? It was there and I don’t think I’ve changed anything that would make it disappear.

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  • Nobody has ever ran into this issue?

    Moderator kmessinger


    Check screen options in the upper right section of the page.

    I did. They’re all turned on except “Slug”, but that adds a meta box named slug, it doesn’t add the Edit button back for the slug at the top.

    Thanks though.

    Moderator kmessinger


    To edit key in what ever you want slug to say and hit enter.

    I don’t use it but I think that is what you want to do.

    I’m not talking about the meta box for Slug. We could use that.

    However, on all my other posts, right below the title at the top there is normally an edit and view button. The Edit button has gone missing, so we can’t edit the slug at the top like normal.

    Moderator kmessinger


    Post title
    Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View

    This it? In any event, anytime someone is missing anything from the editor the normal debug is to disable all plugins, switch to the twentyten theme and see if fixes the problem. The add each back one-by-one until it breaks.

    No, I’m talking about on the Edit a single post page. On a post.php?action=edit page, it’s right below where you type in the title, next to the permalink itself. It’s a rounded-corners button that says “Edit”, right before the “View Post” button.

    The other problem is that the standard route won’t work, since there is only one custom-made plugin, which creates the custom post type in question, along with another custom post type that has the edit button. =p

    Thanks for the help. =)

    Moderator kmessinger


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    Is only the edit button gone? You still have the visual and html views, upload/insert, etc.?

    Something is wrong with the javascript or blocking it – which is normally what some plugins/theme will do. Can you switch to twentyten to rule out theme problems? Did you do the upgrade to 3.1.1? You could also delete the wp-admin and wp-includes folders (NOT wp-content), download a fresh copy of wordpress (matching the version you have) and replace those folders.

    That is the button in question. And yes, only that one is gone.

    It’s only for one specific post type though…

    And I can’t disable my plugin because the post type in question is a custom post type powered by my only plugin. If I disable it, the whole post type will disappear.

    It works for my three other post types… it’s something specific to that one.

    Moderator kmessinger


    If your custom plugin uses jquery then that is what is causing the problem. I don’t have a solution if that is the case.

    I don’t think this is a Javascript problem. There is only one Javascript error, but it’s on all the pages and has nothing to do with the custom post type. My post type doesn’t do anything with Javascript or jQuery on the admin end.

    Moderator kmessinger


    All the buttons in the editor are controlled thru javascript AFAIK.

    Maybe esmi or someone else will jump in here and help you out.



    Forum Moderator

    All the buttons in the editor are controlled thru javascript AFAIK.


    @samanime: You really need to deactivate your custom plugin to confirm whether or not it is causing the problem,

    I’m seeing this issue with a custom post type I’m developing via functions.php – based on this:

    May be related to autosave and/or rewrite rules in your plugin’s code that is registering the custom post types. I’m looking more into it.

    Have you resolved your issue? I’d be curious to know if so…

    I see this bug that seemed to be resolved:


    Looks like I’ve narrowed it down to something in my custom post type creation code as well as a conflict with a plugin that was screwing up permalinks.

    Working through it…

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