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  • What version?

    1.0 I think.

    I am relatively new to WordPress, but I have noticed this problem as well. I am using 1.0.1, and it seems that no matter what input on the edit comments screen, I can only get the last 10 comments. Has this been remedied in one of the nightlies? Is there some sort of other workaround?
    I haven’t had the same problem with editing previous posts, but I haven’t posted more than 20 posts just yet. I suppose that when you are logged in and then view your site, you can click on the edit link for any post that you can see. But unfortunately, this workaround doesn’t work for the comments.
    I have to say, I tinkered with movable type for quite some time, and then found a mention of WordPress in the MT support forums. I installed WP and haven’t looked back. This is a great product. I am using WP as a news blog for our library . I am also using WP for a personal/family blog as well. I am hooked. Thanks for a great product and great support.

    I notice this same problem since upgrading to the nightly — weird.
    Only see 5 posts in my Edit screen. Have to investigate.

    Just wanted to bump this and mention that in the nightly version (as of three nights ago or so) the Edit screen shows only the previous 5 entries.
    Still haven’t dug in the code… no time. Anyone else?

    I’ll look at this.

    It has to do with the “number of posts setting” in the options (I think).
    When you change your posts displayed to ‘X’, it not only changes the blog postings, but the number posted in edit.php.
    I had mentioned this before in the beta group but never got an answer….

    Not to spam the thread — there is another thread on this too.
    It is controlled by the number of posts set on the home page. These two things should be seperate obviously.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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