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  • Hi,
    I know that I can edit, on a edit post page, day, month, year, hour and minute, but it is really important for me to, somehow, edit seconds.

    Is it possible to also add seconds field to ‘edit timestamp’ form?

    Any help is much appreciated.

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  • Hi FilipI, I’ve done some searching, but your request doesn’t seem to be one that comes up often. Are you familiar with phpMyAdmin or do you have some other way to modify the database? While there may not be a plugin to edit the seconds, the seconds are set in the database in the “posts” table and you should be able to edit them there. Let me know if you need any further assistance with this one.

    Thanks for the reply 🙂

    I have access to the database and I know how to make a change with phpMyAmin, but I’m trying to make it possible to make change from ‘edit post’ page because many people, who are going to edit posts, don’t know how to use phpMyAdmin.

    The full story is a little bit complicated, i’m importing ten of thounsands posts into wordpress with a 1min time interval between posts. Because importer makes some mistakes (rarely but it does) I need to make it possible to insert a new post between two which are already inserted.

    Hi FilipI. We may be able to dig through the code, find how this feature works, and make a change to fix it. Mostly likely, it may be a very small change. If we do this, are you comfortable enough with editing php files and such?

    I am comfortable with editing php files, but I wouldn’t like to edit wordpress core files if I don’t have to.

    Is there a way of adding another field for seconds next to minutes field (using some piece of code from functions.php)? Because there is a hidden field “<input id=”ss” type=”hidden” value=”00″ name=”ss”>” which looks like a field that holds value for seconds.

    If there is no other way, it’s also possible to add a form field to a new panel in ‘edit post’ page (already I have a ‘debug’ panel which holds some information for easier fixing of mistakes made by importer). I’m just not sure how to change post timestamp (seconds ‘part’ to be exact) when saving post using that field.

    Hi FilipI, sorry for the delay in getting back with you. From my understanding, unless you modify the core code or create a plugin, WordPress does not include any functionality that allows you to edit seconds within a timestamp.

    Thanks once again for the reply, I’ll try to find a solution during the next week and if I find somenthing interesting I’ll post it here 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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