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  • You would need to change the width on the sidebar AND the main section — preferably in a child theme or custom CSS plug-in or option — so that your changes are not overwritten when the theme is updated.
    Change the percentages according to what you want.

    #secondary {
        width: 31.9149%;
    #primary {
        width: 65.9575%;

    But be aware that changing the above may mess up the layout on other page. In that case, you may need to use more specfic CSS selectors to only target specific pages.

    The best tool for this kind of CSS work is Firebug — highly recommended.

    Thank You, will look for a custom css plug-in before I try messing with the style.css.

    Another question, which is the sidebar and which is the main section in the above, when I change the #primary it pushes everything down in the sidebar?

    Primary is the main section — you’d need to make it smaller, and the secondary wider. But because those are flexible widths that re-size with the browser window, they will get narrower than the ad if it’s a small window…so that may still be problematic. If you use Firebug you’ll see exactly what is what and what CSS is affecting elements on the page :).

    Thanks so much! Got it fixed. I just edited it in the css manually for now and will try and get a plug in before an updated is needed.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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