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  • Hey!

    We are sorry about this button removal, but we initially thought that it won’t have such a big impact on our users behavior, as we later figured out. We are already discussing on bringing it back in one of our future updates, so please bear with us until then (shouldn’t take us too long, though).

    Once again — sorry for this move we made and please bear with us until we bring it back! I’m sure it’ll be soon! 🙂 You’re feedback is -as always- very much appreciated!

    Take care & have a nice day!


    Hey @jklapel!

    We just wanted to let you know that we have brought back the ‘Edit Related Posts’ button with our latest plugin version. You should be able to see it under your blogposts, after you update it in your WordPress’s Dashboard.

    Also — we are very interested in how and why you chose to use Edit Related Posts. Would it be possible to have a quick Skype call one of these days? We’d just like to ask some very general questions about your use and it won’t take too much of your time. Any feedback is more than appreciated!

    Here’s where you can reach me:

    Thanks & I’m looking forward to your reply!


    Hey, what if I don’t want to see it there, what do I do?

    Hey @gabrieldilaurentis, that button is only visible to the admins of the blog in question and not to the visitors. So in order to avoid it, simply log out from your Dashboard, and the button shall be gone.

    Let me know how this works for you or if you have any more questions — I’m here to help!

    Take care & have a nice Sunday!


    I can’t find wp_rp_footer or wp_rp_edit class for this button. In what file you set these classes? I want to change the orage color of the button.


    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but if I understood you right, you would like to change the color of the ‘Edit Related Posts’ button? You are aware that this button only shows up to the admins and super-users of the blog in question, right?

    The reason why you cannot find those classes is because they are located on our Cloudfront servers, but you can override them via the CSS code in your plugin settings.

    Let me know how it goes or if you have any other questions — we’re here to help!

    Take care & have a nice day!


    Thank you for your answer, I succeeded to modify the button.

    Hey, glad to hear that, really! 🙂

    Any chance you could share with us how you did this, just if somebody else is also looking for a similar solution?

    It would be much appreciated! Thanks and have a nice rest of the day!


    I’d like to modify the background colour of the button. I realise it is only visible to admins though I find it kinda distracting to the aesthetic of my page and I am always logged in. I really like the feature, so want to keep it there, though plan on making the button white (so it is essentially invisible though still functional).
    I tried doing this in the custom CSS box, though nothing I entered worked. How do I overwrite the default style? Thanks.

    Try adding !important; to your css

    Find in wp_related_posts.php the line

    $posts_footer .= '<div class="wp_rp_footer"><a class="wp_rp_edit" href="#" id="wp_rp_edit_related_posts">Edit Related Posts</a></div>';

    and replace with this one

    $posts_footer .= '<br/><br/><a class="relPost2" href="#" id="wp_rp_edit_related_posts">Edit Related Posts</a><br/><br/>';

    You have now to create the class relPost2 in your CSS file.
    This is how I created:

    /* Related Post
    -------------------------------------------------------------- */
    .relPost2 {
        color: #fff;
        background: #2b883d;
        padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px;
        margin-bottom: 25px;
        font-size: 12px;
        font-weight: normal;
        text-decoration: none;
    a.relPost2:hover {
        color: #000;

    You can customize the code for your need.

    Hey MCosmin, big, big thanks for providing the code to the rest of our users! I bet they appreciate it as much as we do!

    So big thanks from our team! 🙂

    Take care & have a nice day!


    Thank you. I’ll give this a go 🙂

    Hey @the Painted Hive — everything went smoothly as promised by @mcosmin? 😉


    Yes, thanks. All went fine. I managed to re-style the button to make it more discreet.

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