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  • Is there a way to edit Quicktags? Because images didn’t work well w/in the text I have to add a <div class=”img-shadow”></div> each time I want to have an image.

    How can I have this with quicktags?

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  • This search of the Forums will give you exactly what you want.

    There’s also a new (to me, anyway) plugin for this purpose.

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    In actually thinking about what you’re trying to do, macmanx’s solution is better. I guess I got swayed by how neat I think the plugin is :)

    the solution pointed out by maxmanx is good, but the only inconvenience is whenever you update wordpress, you have to remember to make changes to the quicktags source. kca lets you add functionality to your site *without* tinkering with the source and / or template files. updating wordpress is a synch, since all data is stored in the database, everything is automatically carried over to the new wordpress install. it’s for lazy people like me! ^^

    Khanh’s soulutions sounds nice to me, I tend to forget to keep the language-directory so the quicktags file will probably be forgotten every now and again also.

    However, are there any specific reasons NOT to use Khanh’s plugin? I don’t really mind modifying the quicktag core file if it will make my site load faster…

    Any thoughts?

    Just to keep things interesting, you can also try WP-AddQuickTag, which I’ve recently started using.

    there’s always a trade off between speed/convenience (ie more speed, less convenient) and simplicity/power (ie more simple, less power).

    hard coding changes into core files will make for leaner code, but as mentioned earlier, you will have to keep tab of all mods for all the core files you changed. a pain when upgrading if you’ve made 10 changes to 10 different core files.

    remember also that core file logic and structure tend to change during upgrades. (the main reasoning behind plugins is so you don’t have to touch core files)

    this is where kca mods make life simpler, because kca deals with the finished product (ie. the page content), which rarely changes in between wp upgrades. so you only need to create a little snippet of client side code for the desired effect that should work through upgrades.

    kca is not only for quicktags as you can see. it is quite a powerful tool. however, to make the most of it you would probably need to know a little about client side scripting (javascript/vbscript/dhtml/dom/etc), or you can just cut & paste code you found into kca.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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