• Hi,

    Great plugin, it works great for what I want, but I noticed one issue:

    I do not want my users to access the back-end dashboard, but when the user goes to their profile and selects “edit profile” or “change password” nothing happens – as they don’t have access to the back end. Is there a way around this?

    If not (which is fine) I noticed that on their profiles the section under the memberships area titled:

    Username: testtest
    Email: xxx@xxx,com
    Edit Profile
    Change Password

    Is there a way to just delete this section on their profile? So they cant change their profile or password? And just leave their memberships and past invoices intact?



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  • Check the plugin ‘Theme My Login’: https://wordpress.org/plugins/theme-my-login/
    A great plugin that brings a lot (maybe all) of the dashboard functionality to the front-end.
    It needs some tweaking/configuration with the various settings, but its great.
    The people from PMPro have even included some styling for this plugin in their specific Theme (Memberlite) for PMPro.

    You’ll love it!!!

    Hello contwist.

    Woohoo61 is correct.

    Please take a look at our blog post “Hiding the WordPress Dashboard From Your Members”, here:

    This post discusses using the Theme Your Login Page plugin, which should allow you to do what you need to do. I believe you will need to modify the profile template after installing the plugin.

    Please let us know if you need additional assistance.

    Hi, I added a custom field to the checkout page, do you think this plugin will be able to populate that custom meta field and edit it?

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