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  • I just installed WordPress using a bit of voodoo. Specifically, I installed my blog in a different directory from WordPress that is NOT my root directory, so my wordpress is in and the blog is at In other words, I was not able to follow the instructions at, handy as they are.

    The problem I am having is that now when I am in editing mode and I click the “Previous Entries” link, the link takes me to my blog folder, not the directory that contains wordpress. The blog folder uses some “interesting” htaccess, and will not display the long interface url.

    So, basically, my problem is that I can’t edit anything older than 15 entries via the interface because the next_posts_link function is calling my blog url, not my wordpress url.

    The two ways I came up with to get around this are 1) to click “edit this” from on the blog itself or 2) to go into the wp-admin/edit.php file and do a php string alteration on the results of the next_posts_link function and change the directory. But I really hate to hack the internals because it makes upgrading a lot more annoying. I was hoping someone might have a better idea.

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