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  • The Edit Post page is acting really, really weird for one of my posts, and just fine on all others.

    On this one page, here’s what’s weird:
    – html code appears in visual editor (and html editor) … in fact the edit window opens on the “visual” view with the “html” tools at the top. when i switch to html, the tab changes but nothing else. when i switch back to visual …
    – rich text controls disappear in visual editor (here’s what that looks like –
    – none of the media insert buttons work
    – the “edit” functions for Status, Visibility and Publishing date do nothing (except when i click on Visibility, it scrolls halfway down the page?)
    – the tags which appear on the published post and in the post list do not appear under tags
    – on the left sidebar, nothing expands when i click on the menu expanding arrows by each section (keep in mind, these work a-o-k on every other view in my control panel.
    – comments for this post, which appear on the blog and in the dashboard, are no longer visible on this page.
    – and the revision history no longer appears, either.

    the last thing i did that did work was delete an embedded image and then re-embed a different image.

    i have tried deactivating and re-activating several plugins. i have tried clearing my cache. i am working in chrome on a mac, and i have tried working in firefox and safari. i have tried creating a new post, which seems to work fine, and i’d just re-post this content, but i don’t want to lose some of the comments that are attached to this post.

    again, it’s just this one post … and i’ve checked posts in other wordpress blogs i run, and they all seem to be doing fine.

    i’m pulling my hair out. any help will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Shea,

    Did you get a solution to this?

    I have a similar problem that affects ALL my static pages — the Visual mode displays white font on white background and shows the HTML code.

    When I switch to HTML mode, it has a black font and, of course, the HTML code. When I switch back to Visual mode, the whole editor window collapses and does not display.

    Please let me know if you came up w/ a solution as your issues sounded similar.


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