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    After updating to WordPress 5.6, two things are broken on the Edit Post page (using Firefox browser):

    • The “Edit” button to edit the Permalink does not work. Clicking it does nothing.
    • The Tags don’t populate when typing a post tag.

    The only way for these 2 things worked for me now, is to disable Classic Editor, (which is undesirable because it breaks my post content).

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  • After all of these issues from so many users, when will they fix this plugin?

    Since 5.6, I am having all the same issues, so if WP is saying it is the theme, they need to get their head out of their but and fix this. Right now, I am able to edit my stuff under Chrome, FireFox is a complete wash and will not work. Maybe this is their stupid plan to force us to go with the crappy Gutenberg block editor. I hate it and will never use it. If this is the case, it is time to use something else besides WordPress.

    I’m the maintainer of qTranslate on github and we are also encountering this problem with WP5.6, Firefox and the Classic Editor (that many, many people still use):

    The problem seems to occur quite randomly, but so far i only observed it in combination with WP5.6, Firefox, and the Visual Editor (with Classic Editor). Sometimes the problem disappears just by reloading exactly the same page in a different tab…

    I observed one interesting event: for some reason (due to WP 5.6 + Firefox?), a listener i have on window.load even does not trigger all the time as it should, though i’m sure the addEventListener is called. If i add another dummy window.load, this one is called all the time, which looks quite insane. Why would a window.load not be triggered?

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    Not sure why the issue is marked with “Status: resolved”…

    It is definitely NOT resolved. It is a critical bug blocking the normal functionality.

    > The issue seems to be that:
    > wp.oldEditor.initialize() is no longer firing and many plugins/blocks looking for this > event are no longer functioning.

    Could this be related to what I observed with window.load not firing properly in some event listener?

    > Uhh, I just reverted to an older jquery via a plugin – and that fixed it. :/

    That seems to confirm something is going wrong with some event.

    For completeness, I can confirm what @rdpshop is saying: It’s not the theme. I switched to the default twenty twenty-one theme, and it didn’t fix it. I turned off all plugins, and it didn’t fix it.

    > That seems to confirm something is going wrong with some event.

    Yeah. Some event is breaking, and thus not closing the html tags properly, I reckon.

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    Just trying to help by explaining this:

    The reason this topic is marked “Resolved” is because the issue I posted at the beginning was resolved when I used the plugin author’s suggestions. Everyone else’s issues, while maybe related, are different issues than mine (mine were only the Edit Permalink button and the post Tags button).

    Just trying to help: you are more likely to get help for solving your issue if you open a new ticket with a title that is specific to your issue, just as the plugin author suggested near the beginning of this topic. Because this current topic is probably not even being monitored since it’s marked Resolved.

Viewing 8 replies - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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