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    After updating to WordPress 5.6, two things are broken on the Edit Post page (using Firefox browser):

    • The “Edit” button to edit the Permalink does not work. Clicking it does nothing.
    • The Tags don’t populate when typing a post tag.

    The only way for these 2 things worked for me now, is to disable Classic Editor, (which is undesirable because it breaks my post content).

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  • I am having the same issue.

    I am having the same issue.

    The classic editor in the visual editor does not display anything. When I switch to text editor it shows the code and when I switch back to the visual editor the text is strange looking and not right. Then when I save as draft all the text disappears!

    When will this be fixed?

    same here.

    Contacted support, did all the orientations (disable plugins) and it´s still affected with this issue.

    it also shows up a strange hidden code:

    <span data-mce-type="bookmark" style="display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;" class="mce_selres_start"></span>

    when you click on text view mode, wich it´s messing all up the classic editor, i guess.

    I don´t use block editor.

    All they say it must be related to my theme, wich is strange, it was working fine a day before yesterday (last time i accessed the classic editor).

    Didn´t have any update, just the core update as well.

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    Does anyone know when this will be fixed?

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    Hmm, these all sound like different issues, but may be related. First thing to try is holding down Shift and reloading the page couple of times. Then look in the browser tools for any js errors. If there are any, please start a new thread and paste them there.

    @teintensivo that span is a leftover from the cursor positioning when switching editors. It should get removed when saving the post (or autosaving). Unfortunately there are some hard to fix, uncommon, “edge” cases where that span is not removed, or not removed soon enough. Workaround: Clicking on a paragraph in the visual editor before switching to Text will move that span there and it will get removed properly.

    I held down shift and reload the page several times and I see no errors just that the text in visual editor disappears and can only be seen in the text editor.

    Having the same issue on our site. I have the feeling it’s an issue with WordPress 5.6 breaking themes. We’re using the Web-Dorado’s Portfolio Gallery theme. I’ve sent them a support request on this. However, it appears many themes are having the same issue, so maybe a change in WordPress itself is in order rather than all those authors coming up with work-arounds.

    My theme is working fine. It’s only having issues when using the classic editor as I already described so it’s an issue with the Classic Editor.

    After Update
    The right sidebar is missing in the Classic Editor.

    Same trouble here !
    Any idea ?

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    Same here, on several sites I work on. Very frustrating. I also see the span code mentioned above.

    I’ve tried several fixes. May have to revert back to the last version of WP hopefully that helps temporarily, but this plugin has to be fixed.

    UPDATE: I reverted back to WP 5.5.3 and editor is now working.

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    Same problem: Can’t schedule posts and have other edit-problems in posts (didn’t try pages though). I’m using the Classic editor (and text editor) and won’t change that!

    I’ve tried several browsers …

    My work around until they fix this:

    What I have found is when editing a post, switch to text editor, back to visual, then leave the page WITHOUT saving as draft or updating.

    Then come back to edit the post, it should be in text editor, switch back to visual editor now and it works normally.

    Do your changes, save it and it will go back to working in this odd manner and then you need to go through this process again to edit.

    El complemento Editor Clásico no da problemas, lo que rompe el editor es otro plúgin, por ejemplo Rnk Math en la versión anterior generaba incompatibilidad, otros plúgins no actualizados o con códigos obsoletos que estén vinculados al editor pueden afectarlo

    Hi All

    Looks like multiple issues other than the Visual editor not working.

    One cant do the following as well;

    Add Featured Image
    Add a Link

    Not even sure if WP is looking at the problems raised on these forums!

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