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  • Just upgraded to 3.3.2. While in admin, I am trying to re-size the Edit area of the window. In old versions you could by using the slide on the Corner at the botton: to slide up or down while in Edit Mode. It appears that the Edit window is Very Long and I can not see the Tool bar at the top Once I scroll down a bit.

    Make it Really hard to change or add anyting.

    – Anyone have any ideas? I tried in my Win7 and Chrome. Same results.

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  • I don’t have this issue on Win7/Chrome running 3.3.2. Have you tried deactivating ALL plugins and switching to the default Twentyeleven theme to see if you still have the issue?

    I have 3 sites using WP, each have the same issue. On my test site, I did try to first De-activate the Plungins and change to the defult Twentyeleven theme, then re-activate the Plugins. Same results.
    Editing the Post or a Page, leaves it were I am unable to re-size the edit portion of the page.

    Could possibly be a browser extension you have installed that is conflicting with the ability. Or an old file version that didn’t get cleared out, are you using any caching plugins?

    I have tried with a PC running Win7 64Bit that has both IE9 and Google Chrome – same results with Browsers. Both those browsers run limited Broswer extensions and I don’t believe any browser casheing is going on. I also tried with 2 seperate PCs that run WinXP using IE8 exact same results – Unable to re-size the edit windows for any of the 3 WP web sites (Post or Pages). I have used these web sites since 2008 and have always continiued to update the sites, most time with minimual issues.

    Is there any WP file I can look at that would lend a clue to why the re-sizing of the edit portion does not work?
    Hosting is shared on a Linux Server. All 3 are on the same shared server.

    You can use the Firebug in Firefox to have a check, if the width and height of the editor has been fixed in some css file. And the JS conflict also may cause this problem.

    I think you first deactivate all the plugins, and then activate one by one, every time have a check, to find which plugin conflict with your WP.

    I will download Firefox tomorrow and try that.

    But, I have deactivated all Plugins and tried several different Themes, all the same result of not able to modify the hight of the Edit box of a Page or Post in Admin.

    But, Not sure that I would know what to modify in a CSS or JS file if there is some issue there.

    I downloaded Firefox and Firebug. – Issue is consistant with this browser as well. But, I am not sure what were to look as it relates to why the edit window will not re-size.

    Ideas would be appreciated.

    Using the Firebug tool (HTML)
    Here is what I have discovered:
    <td class=”mceIframeContainer mceFirst mceLast”>
    <iframe id=”content_ifr” frameborder=”0″ src=”javascript:””” allowtransparency=”true” title=”Rich Text Area Press ALT F10 for toolbar. Press ALT 0 for help.” style=”width: 100%; height: 64821px; display: block;”>

    Unfortunatley, I am not sure where I would be able to make this change on a permenant basis. –> 64821px

    I don’t know exact what the problem is except some more information. If you can give me a admin account let me have a look. Contact me by GTalk: [ redacted ]

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    @colorvila Please do not use these forums for support outside of these forums nor request admin accounts access from anyone.

    TinyMCE is the software used for the WP editor. I find it odd that you have this issue across multiple browsers and different blogs (they aren’t all in one WPMS install right?).

    Could you provide some screenshots just to make sure?

    Yes, correct, each of the 3 WP web sites have a Seperate URL’s with a seperate WordPress implementations, some have some similar Themes and/or Plugins. But each are on a single Shared Host provider.
    What kind of Screen shots would be helpful? I can put the screen shots .jpg file up on a web site for you to pull down if you like.
    this is my test site.

    I can also host a WebEx were I can “show” you the issue.

    I tried a few things to isolate the issue. I manually updated WP with existing DB’s – Issue still existed

    I used a spare Domain Name and installed a New WP install with New DB. – Works fine, the edit pane works as expected.

    Is the upgrate effecting something with the DB or should there be someting changed with the DB that is needed?

    Net effect is, re-insall WP from scratch with new DB’s and re-create from scratch.

    Tried somethign else…. Took the Upgaded WP software then just created a new DB for the site – Back to Original Results, unable to size the edit window on post or page.

    No short cuts, re-install from scratch with WP & DB.

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