• The [wpuf_edit] shortcode does not work. Followed every single tutorial on their website and wasted hours trying to make ir work. A total waste of my time.

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    Hi @hcporto,

    [wpuf_edit] shortcode does not work.

    I’ve tested this shortcode on my local server, but I didn’t find any issues. I would suggest, please create WPUF pages manually, you can navigate to the Tools tab and click on the “Install WPUF Pages” button so that you can have all the required pages installed right away.

    After clicking on the Install WPUF Pages button, you will have the pages that were created, as you can see in the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/jOleYiGxq28_

    If you’re still having the problem, then kindly contact through the website for further assistance. We are always happy to assist our fellow users in resolving their raised queries/issues at the soonest possible time.

    We always appreciate customers’ valid positive/negative feedback encouraging us to improve our products, whereas an invalid negative review is discouraging.


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    Hi @saifislam01,

    The way every of your tutorial and plugin is written makes us, users that uses “Enable Guest Post”, belive that users can also edit posts as Guests. And that was what I wanted, but it seens the edit post form can only be used by logged in users, that goes to their Account page and there they can click the edit button.

    I’ve spent hours wondering why the edit page was not working and thas is becouse your tutorials are really poorly written.

    I just wanted an EDIT button on posts that enables Guests to also edit any posts.

    Plugin Support Saiful Islam


    Hi @hcporto,

    I just wanted an EDIT button on posts that enables guests to edit any posts.

    After submission of the guest posts, users will be required to verify their email addresses. Verified users will able to edit their Guest’s posts. Unverified users were unable to edit their Guest’s posts.

    Hope you understand. If the issue persists, please contact through the website to investigate the issue.

    Thank You 🙂

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