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  • Hi,

    I just re-uploaded the /wp-admin folder, so I know that all the files are correct in my admin folder.

    Whenever I try and edit a post, after I click on “Save”, it tries to process, but then just goes to a Blank Page. The URL is (

    Is anyone else having these problems? Could this be a problem with my server settings?

    Please help!

    Thanks, th3gh05t

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  • I have just upgraded to 2.6, and this is still happening.

    Can someone please help me!?! I can’t edit posts!



    That is the post that I cannot edit. There has to be something within that post preventing me editing it.

    I can edit other posts just fine.

    Is there anyone out there that can help me? Or you just going to ignore this again?

    Hi TH3,

    Sorry I don’t have an answer for you, but I have had the same problem.

    Whenever I tried to update a page I would get redirected to a blank page too.

    I tried upgrading to WP 2.6, but now my site doesn’t work at all.

    (Well, it works from, but not from – but I think this may be a separate issue?)



    i know the answer, but hey, you seem a bit rude.

    When no one helps, people get frustrated. You can understand that.

    No need to be a prick.

    I kindly posted this 3 days ago, and subsequent replies 2 days ago.

    Yet, no one seems to care or help at all.

    It’s a shame that a post is only noticed once someone is rude. Not the other way around like it should be.

    Let’s focus on your issue. …

    As far as bumping goes, yeah, the polite option is the better one. That’s almost always the case. You slowly sink into oblivion if you move off the front pages and no one sees fit to respond. That’s the way forums work; that’s your peers telling you something. No response to your original post means that no one wants to take the time. You could reword your request, post back with the results of your experimentation, update with research you’ve done to solve your problem, tell about the search terms you’ve entered to find your own answer, but otherwise just wait. We don’t all only look at page one of the forum.

    Where my first replies not polite? What was wrong with them?

    Here are my active plugins in the “wp_options” table.


    I don’t see the hidden plugin. Could it be one of the plugins I have currently installed?

    Is this problem directly related to the hidden plugin?

    i also have the same problem

    I had the same problem. None of the suggestions I found here worked. So today, I downloaded 2.6 again, and performed all steps like with a normal upgrade (including opening the upgrade.php in the end).

    And bingo – it works again.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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