• hi

    I have recently posted on one of my threads and I would like to edit part of one of my posts because I think it is not appropriate.

    I cannot see the “edit” link under it.

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  • There’s a time limit. What are you wanting to edit?

    On this thread:


    This text:

    [edit: deleted text and links]

    And once this is done, for this post to be deleted.

    Thanks a lot.

    Well, truthfully we’re not supposed to do stuff like that. How about you just let it die? Michael managed an apology (yeah, really….), and if what you posted is the truth (I know it is, I followed the links) there’s no reason not to let it stand. There was good and sufficient reason for you to mildly retaliate….

    The involved parties have seen it, and by morning unless some dingdong resurrects the thread for no reason, it’ll be long gone.

    Let’s just go on from here in amity and good-fellowship, okay?

    Ok thanks for your help. Well I think he was apologising for a post while I was editing my one to include the links or adding a new post. Sigh. I’ll delete the links from this thread.

    Yeah, if you’ve got the edit option still for this that’ll work.

    Let us know if you need anything else, okay?

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