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    WP Version: 2.8.3 (out of the box install, no upgrade, not extra plugins, default themes).
    Browser: IE 7 (fully latest patched to today).
    Server OS: Windows 2003 / IIS 6 (fully patched to today)
    PHP Version: 5
    MySQL Version: 5.1
    Client OS: XP (latest sp and fully patched)
    Client Security System: CA Internet Suite (current) & McAfee Sec Centre (current) – on different machines.

    The following issue is present with all instances of IE7 on our network, but NOT in FireFox 2.0.2

    1. Connect to blog site with IE 7 – ok
    2. Login – ok
    3. Create a new post OR edit an existing post – ok Screen displays correctly.
    4. Update/Publich the content using the Update/Publish button – Ok (posted successfully)
    5. Error:
    5.a Edit Post screen redisplays with error message (“done with errors”) and the tiny MCE edit panel is blank and missing the main toolbar (the upload/insert tool bar is visible).
    5.b Select the Visual/HTML tabs displays an error about the switch routine being undefined.
    5.c Highlight the content of the edit panel and the text displays (in other words the text colour is white when not highlighted).

    Any further attempts to create a new post or edit a post result in the same error – ie. no further post edits or creations are possible.

    Relogging and restarting IE or OS does not solve the problem.

    Behaviour exhibited on all machines on network.

    1. Deleting the temporary internet files in the browser solves the problem. I.e you can create/edit a post, but once the edit page is revisited the problem starts again. Deleting the temporary internet files ones again solves the problem.

    2. Turn on debugging in the browser shows that the problem is that the script files referenced in the header are not being loaded: jquery, utils, editor, quicktags. The first error encounter is that the edToolbar() “object” is not defined arround line 474. This is the section of code where the page tries to insert the MCE toolbar.

    3. Leave the debugger running and investigate some other pages. Repeated errors are displayed:
    a. dashboard.css file with the closing “}” on the same line as the attribute throws an exception in line 1. of the first admin page.
    b. in edit post in addition to the edToolbar, getUserSetting(“hidetb”,”0″)==”1″ is also undefined (probably because of the earlier script load issue).
    c. The jQuery() routine is frequently undefined. All admin pages essentially throw the same errors – as if the scripts in the earlier identified line are repeatedly failing to load. Checking the content of the scripts listed each time against the functions that are not defined appears to confirm the suspicion. First load is ok, second attempt fails.

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  • bishopj


    I just tested this under IE8 running on Windows 7 release candidate. The same behaviour is exhibited, except that this time it requires 2 posts before the problem commences.

    Firefox still behaves correctly. The Windows 7 RC install is absolutely stock-standard – ie nothing that is not part of the Windows OS is on that machine.

    Anyone have any ideas? I doubt this has anything to do with plugins, unless the plugins shipped with WordPress 2.8.3 and installed by default are faulty. Are there any installed by default?

    I am not using the tiny MCE Advanced plugin – just the standard MCE.



    Bump – need some ideas about this problem.

    Also have noted that:
    -Widgets don’t drage and drop on IE 7, IE 8 or FF 2.0
    -Miscellaneous menu pages do not change to the next menu page unless “save options” is pressed (on all tested browsers).

    This is using the standard out-of-the-box install, with no plugins and the standard theme.



    I have a “hack” solution to this problem.

    I have not installed google gears on any browser – so I am wondering if the problem some of us are experiencing is because we do not have gears installed. Acknowledging that possibility, this problem seems to be related to the caching of scripts on the affected browsers.

    The steps to fix this problem are:

    1. Locate the file “\wordpress\wp-admin\load-scripts.php”
    2. Open it in a text editor visual studio or equivalent is preferred, but notepad will do. DO NOT USE MS_WORD or similar word processing tool.
    3. Locate the following line:
    header(“Cache-Control: public, max-age=$expires_offset”);
    4. Comment this line out so it looks like this:
    /* header(“Cache-Control: public, max-age=$expires_offset”);
    5. Add in the following line
    header(“Cache-Control: public, no-store”);
    6. Double check that you have written the above line EXACTLY as shown.
    7. Save the file
    8. Now go to your browser and delete all browser file history (sorry, but this is essential or you won’t see the fix.). On IE 7 you do this by:
    a. From the menu bar: Tools/Internet Options
    b. Select the General tab
    c. Under browsing history choose “delete”
    d. On the window that opens, choose “Delete Files”
    e. Confirm and close windows
    f. Close ALL open browsers and restart the browser.

    On IE8 it is similar, except a list a checkboxes is displayed, be careful to UNTICK everything you do not want to delete (like cookies, etc). You ONLY need to delete the temporary files.

    You can now edit and post and re-edit etc your posts and the editor will display correctly. You will also note that, as a side benefit this solution also fixes all the screen options menus that are not displaying for people experiencing that problem.

    Firefox 2.0 has a partial version of this problem, where some menus are not displaying, I haven’t checked yet whether this fixes FF’s problem as well, but I suspect that cached browsing history files would also have to be deleted from FF as well. (I have reasons why it is not convenient to delete the history at this time – so you will have to test yourself).



    Minor correction to the above post:

    This ALSO fixes the drag and drop problem! (I did not realise that accessibility had to be turned off for drag and drop to work). Once Accessibility is turned off, widgets drag and drop successfully – as long as the other steps have been done.


    I DO NOT know whether this fix will impact your google gears behaviour as we are not using it. Widget drag/drop seems to work in those with Google Gears.



    THe following problems are fixed when you make this change:

    – Edit panel (tiny MCE) blanking after post, or not showing edit buttons at all
    – Screen options menus not displaying on admin panels
    – Widgets not dragging and dropping (note accessibility mode must be turned OFF for drag and drop to work)
    – Settings menus not changing unless save button is pushed
    – New Post Menu not displaying
    – Discussion setting screen not displaying
    – “Done with Errors” message displaying in IE browser status bar on muliple admin panel screens.

    (BUT NOTE THE ABOVE COMMENT CONCERNING GOOGLE GEARS – no testing done with that installed.)

    I have also been getting the drag and drop issue after upgrading to 2.8.4, would give a try to your solution.

    Thanks Bishop

    I’m with the group whose problem was fixed by downloading foxfire. None of my widgets would drag or save. I kept getting, “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” I switched and it’s working… for now!

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