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  • I asked at my server too, wondering if anyone has had this happen?
    I have two seperate year old wordpress installations, and I installed another last week because I wanted to test k2, and a fourth to check if the problem is consistant, and it is. (It’s not a k2 related issue, it happens with the old installs without the plugin as well.)
    Regular blog posting works fine, but when I go to write a page, it reloads as saved before I can even get my mouse in the text box, if I didn’t stop it, it would save 40 blank pages in a minute. If I go to edit one of those blank pages, it instantly reloads as saved and loads the ‘edited’ blank page. It’s version 2.04 (the ones I installed exactly a year ago have always done it too) and I’ve tried uploading the wordpress files manually as well as using fatastico, I’ve tried ‘repairing’ the databases and using different browsers, no solution.
    Anyone had this problem or know what might be causing it?

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  • I have the same issue as well using another theme. It’s obviously a WP problem, but I have no idea if there is a solution. It’s quite annoying to have to stop the page load with the keyboard rapidly every time I want to edit a Page – especially since that usually stops the editing bar from loading as well.

    I don’t know, is it a wordpress problem? I only wonder because I think it would be posted all over the place if it was a WP bug, I haven’t been able to find anything about it. Who is your server?

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    Odds are good that you have some plugin causing it. See here:

    Looks like there are 3 default plugins on the new install, but all are deactivated.

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