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  • gregkaufmanwp


    It was easy to limit page editing only to the page owner in 1.5. I’m trying to figure out how to enable the edit_pages role in 2.0 for a user, but not allow that user the ability edit ALL pages. This functionality exists for edit posts (edit_others_posts), but what about pages?

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  • moshu


    I think you can make it work with this plugin:



    I have the Role Manager plugin installed. I used it to grant the Role edit_pages to a user with the Capability level of Author. This evidently is now allowing that user to edit all pages, including those with different Page Owners. I need to limit this user to only have edit access to the pages the Admin defines as them owning.




    I said that backwards…

    I meant I have granted the Capability edit_pages to a user with a Role of Author. I only want the user to be able to edit pages they own.



    Oh, sorry, I guess I misread your post the first time.
    I see now, while there is such an option for posts (Edit Posts vs. Edit Others Posts) – there is no such distinction for Pages.

    Maybe you could ask Owen at the plugin’s support.



    This is a major shortcoming of WP 2.0, in terms of being able to use WordPress as a CMS. This access control functionality was available in previous versions of WordPress.

    I don’t think that changes to the plugin will be able to address this underlying flaw in the Roles and Capabilities system of WP 2.0.

    It doesn’t seem like it would have been a big deal during WP 2.0 development to have created a capability “edit_others_pages” similar to edit_others_posts. I am unable to use WP 2.0 as a CMS without this basic access control mechanism.

    in wp1.5.2 it was possible to assign page owners. a user could then only pages owned by him/her. unless he/she was admin

    Shirkee, you are entirely accurate. This basic functionality that was inherent to the 1.5.x Strayhorn line is no longer the case in WP 2.0.

    Evidently, this may be a core modification for WP 2.1, but that isn’t due out for a long while. Until then, I may be stuck trusting that users won’t modify others’ pages, which is clearly a huge backend security weakness in WP 2.0, as I am using it as a CMS.

    I am thinking I am so very glad I haven’t upgraded to WP 2.0, as yet. Don’t know if I will, given the arising of some important flaws.

    Thanks gregkaufmanwp for giving me the heads up.

    maybe someone is bright enough to write a plugin on this issue. or someone will do the right thing and bring back the ownership functions in wp2.0 as it was in 1.5.2

    That seems to work for now… with the roles plugin. Owen rocks!




    I would LOVE to be able to assign page owners in wp2. Does anyone know of any progress on this front?

    I think this would be a good idea, too. Would work better with what I am trying to do. I am trying to set up a family website, but allow family members to have their own “subsites”, if you will. BUT, I only want them to be able to edit THEIR OWN SECTIONS AND PAGES ONLY.

    Don’t you agree?

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