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  • chrisogrady


    I just updated to 4.9.

    I’m running an online shop.

    When I click to edit one of the main pages it takes me to a product page instead.

    On the actual site the link is fine. But when I try to edit it, it takes me to the wrong page.

    Right now I have no way to edit this main page.

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  • Tom Greer


    I have the same issue. The site home page is properly displayed, but when I click on the Edit Page link or select the Edit from the All Pages list, a different page is displayed.

    This website was just updated to version 4.9.



    I have the same issue.

    4.9 and Woocommerce….Just when i started to dev out this shop for a customer.

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    Tom Greer


    It’s WooCommerce that causes the issue. Deactivating Woo makes the problem go away.

    I’m supposed to have this new website installed by tomorrow morning. Great!



    Thanks. That worked. At least now I can edit my Home page. I suppose after I’m done I can just reactive woo and the site will be back online?



    Thanks for the help.

    It’s a workaround until they fix this issue.



    wtf my workaround stopped working. Turning off and on Woo doesn’t fix going to the wrong page anymore. Now what?

    Same problem here. I tried deactivating Woocommerce Plugin to edit my home page and now I can’t do anything at all the admin interface. I just get a message ‘Activate Woocommerce Plugin before’ and a blank screen!!!!!

    How long before a fix???

    Nice in a way to discover I am not going mad on this, others have the same problem.

    I’m using WordPress 4.9, WooCommerse and Divi (theme).

    How can we blame WooCommerce, what evidence do we have?


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    Yes, WP Rollback worked for me in my Staging site, The question is do this in Production?

    I do want to change these pages now!

    Thanks nickamis

    Hello, Everyone. I am having the same issue but it seems to be limited to my “Shop” page. Clicking on the shop page to edit will redirect me to one of my product pages. I can still access the page and edit it using the front end Divi editor but not the back end.

    I was hoping that the 3.2.5 Woo update would correct it, but it did not.

    I am currently on:
    WordPress: v4.9
    WooCommerce: v3.2.5
    Divi: v3.0.89
    Divi Builder: v2.0.51

    Running a WP Multisite Install and this is still a problem (after the WooCommerce 3.2.5 update)

    Having the same issue with the same setup as mlinton.

    And yes, 3.2.5 hasn’t fixed the problem.

    I can at least edit the front page by using Visual Builder, but for me that’s clunky workaround because I don’t really like Visual Builder.

    Let’s hope this gets resolved soon. I have raised a ticket on Divi support.

    Same problem here!
    Wordpress Multisite install…
    Woocommerce 3.2.5 and Divi Theme…
    I can’t edit my front page but it doesn’t direct me to a product, but to an “event”… ( another post type… ) .
    I just checked and disabling Woocommerce allows me to access the back end of and edit the front page!!!
    Thanks to all you guys who posted here, you saved me !!!
    They need to resolve this ASAP!
    Was anyone able to get any answers from Divi/Elegant Themes or Woocommerce?

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