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  • I am trying to edit a page in WP 2.5. Everything else seems to be working fine, all plugins are updated, none which are said not to work with 2.5.

    I edit the page, click save, then an error page loads.

    I go back in. Sometimes I can see the edits in the edit window, I just can’t get them to load.

    Other times they are no longer there when I get back in the edit window.

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  • Which Error appears?
    You create a new page or edit an old one?

    Editing an old one.

    I edit, I hit “save” and then I am directed to a 404 page. (After save, it loads /wp-admin/page.php (that’s the URL that shows, but it’s the 404 page).

    Just to complicate things, SOMETIMES it lets me make a change, other times not. It does not matter whether I use visual editor or HTML, or whether I have other tabs open to the page or not.

    Hi, I had almost the same problem with 2.3, upgraded to 2.5 but the problem still remains.

    My blog is in the /blog directory of my website, when I try to write a post (or modify an old one) and click on “publish”, I see my homepage (located in the root / directory) without any WordPress message, and the blog doesn’t change.

    I see that MySQL (v5.0.45) is working fine and my WP user has all the privileges (!). I didn’t change any configuration file, it just happened two days ago and I couldn’t find anything useful on the web.

    Thank you

    Edit: another thing I noticed is that, once I wrote a post, the preview button only shows the title and not the content. I usually write in the “visual” mode, so HTML is automatically generated. Could my WP be unable to cope with certain tags?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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