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  • Hi, I’m not sure this is the best place to put this question, but I was unable to find any direct contact for any support personnel, so I figured I’d at least try this way. Basically, I submitted a plugin to the plugins repository, but used the URL of my plugin’s homepage in the URL field. It’s been two weeks and the plugin has been neither approved nor rejected (but newer ones have been as of today, 7/25) so I assume I should delete it and resubmit it, or at least edit the URL so that it can be approved. Is there any way to do this on the user end? If not, the plugin is Tagline Rotator and I can re-submit it if the current entry is deleted (I just can’t re-submit with the same name and the new URL). Thanks in advance for any info/help.


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  • I am basically in the same boat as you, my friend. I worked hard for two months to create my first WordPress plugin (posted 7/10/08) and would at least like to know whom to contact. I submitted a very basic plugin request because I have much more info to add to the eventual plugin page on WordPress. I read the part of the documentation that said that you don’t need to have a plugin homepage for it to be hosted here, so I as well just used my own homepage in that particular field. No response as of yet. If there are any other, more experienced developers on here, could we please receive some understanding as to what’s happening, how to get these questions answered, if not in the forums? If the documentation was actually wrong and the reviewers actually do look for a homepage, how do we unsubmit or resubmit? I guess I just thought this process was a formality, and that all submissions are accepted.


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