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  • I have read through the .pdf included with the plug-in, and I think I understand it, but I apologize if there is something I missed. BTW, thank you for including a .pdf; nice that someone actually included clear written instructions for their plug-in 🙂

    I have three questions, so plz bear with me.

    1. The links for “edit profile” and “change password” simply bring me back to my members page (titled “Manage Profile”, and no, I am not using default permalinks) Is there something I missed in the instructions? Am I supposed to create another blank page for these functions, or, if I am reading correctly, these links should redirect to the proper place, yes?

    2. Is there a way to change the “Begin using the site” link on the register page? I have a static page set for my front page, but I would like to direct users to my “posts” page w/this link…

    3. I would like to use “Login Lock” in conjunction w/this plugin, but by looking at the source code of a page, obviously these plugins do not “hook up”. Is there a way to do this?

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  • Disregard items 1 & 3 above.

    But I would still like to know about #2.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    The function that generates these links is in called wpmem_inc_memberlinks and is located in wp-members-dialogs.php

    The link could be changed directly, but but i don’t officially recommend that as it is not upgradeable.

    I am working on make functions like this pluggable, but it is still in the early experimental stages and there may be significant changes to the process. If you are interested in this as a possible solution the process is to create the function as you need it and save it in a file named wp-members-custom.php in the /plugins/wp-members/ folder. In your case, this would be probably just recreating the original function and changing the links, although you probably need to have in include statement for the wp-members-core.php file as the $link variable uses a function from the core.

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