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  • While in the admin section, go to settings > reading. Are you using a static page? If so, look for the page name that says it is being referenced as a front page.

    Also, look to see what page template the page is using. Some people like to add html within those template files.

    It is using the latest post and not using a static page. The theme we are using Equidafe Wp Theme. How do I fix this so I can edit the page just like any other page?

    That theme doesn’t come up in google. I’m going to assume this is a custom theme developed specifically for this site. Look in the “Posts” section on the left hand side of the admin panel. Are there posts called “home services”, “banner” or “home portfolio”?

    There is nothing in posts. Anything else I should look for?

    Yes. Log into your server(FTP preferably). Navigate to this directory public_html/wp-content/themes/Equidafe/index.php. Do you see the html within the index.php file?

    I do not have access to the ftp site but I do see a files called in the editor section:

    Does this help?


    Category Template
    corpus_panel_ui – Copy.php
    Theme Functions
    Main Index Template
    Page Template
    Single Post
    Blog Page Template
    Contact Page Template
    Portfolio Page Template
    Testimonial Page Template



    <?php $themename = “PressurePro Panel”; $themefolder = “pressurepro_wp”; define (‘theme_name’, $themename ); define (‘theme_ver’ , 3 ); // Notifier Info $notifier_name = $themename; $notifier_url = “”.$themefolder.”.xml”; //Docs Url $docs_url = “”.$themefolder; // Constants for the theme name, folder and remote XML url define( ‘MTHEME_NOTIFIER_THEME_NAME’, $themename ); define( ‘MTHEME_NOTIFIER_THEME_FOLDER_NAME’, $themefolder ); define( ‘MTHEME_NOTIFIER_XML_FILE’, $notifier_url ); define( ‘MTHEME_NOTIFIER_CACHE_INTERVAL’, 1 ); // corpus-Panel include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/corpus_panel/corpus_panel_ui.php’); include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/corpus_panel/corpus_panel_functions.php’); /* Theme Administration */ include ( TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/includes/custom-posts.php’ ); add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); function excerpt($text, $chars) { $text = $text . ” “; $text = strip_tags($text); $text = substr($text,0,$chars); $text = substr($text,0,strrpos($text,’ ‘)); $text = $text . “…”; echo $text; } register_nav_menus( array ( ‘main’ =>’Main menu’ ) ); if ( function_exists(‘register_sidebars’) ) register_sidebar( array( ‘name’ => ‘Sidebar’, ‘before_widget’ => ”, ‘after_widget’ => ”, ‘before_title’ => ”, ‘after_title’ => ”)); ?>

    I’m going to assume you know html. I would look in the index.php file. This file will have clues as to where your homepage content is. It may very well be in this file. It also appears that the other pages have their own template file as well.

    Looks like this is where it is. How do you find it where it would be in WordPress??


    It is very possible that there is no interface within wordpress for this. As this is a custom theme you will most likely need someone who is fluent in html and php to configure your site for you.

    There is something call PressurePro Panel where I see some of the data on the main page. Would that be where I edit the home page? Not sure where to add the Meta tags though? Help!!!!

    This sounds like a custom plugin developed by the original creator to help swap content on your page. So it may be possible to change content here. Just compare what you see within the panel to that of your homepage. If you see identical text then try making a small text change and push it live. Since this is a custom plugin developed specifically for this company i cannot help any further. You should consult the original developer or someone who has a coding background in php to look at your website for you.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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