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  • I am running a Vulcan theme on 3.4.1.

    Myself and others have been trying to get our galleries to work properly for some time now with no success, please help.

    The problem starts when uploading images. Using the standard gallery the images upload but the loading bar never completes; it gets to the point where it says “Crunching” and never changes. The images appear in the Media but when I “edit image” the preview (under the rotate and flip options) is just a red X. It knows that it needs to pull a picture but it does not pull it properly.

    Using the NextGen Gallery (latest version) the images, when uploading, always come back with an error. The images are saved to the gallery and are useable in posts and pages but when going to “edit thumb” it shows an X where the preview should be.

    I have googled and searched as much as I can and have tried multiple fixes but nothing has worked as of yet. If you can think of any thing that could possibly fix this or if you have any insight as to why I am having problems with my thumbnails please let me know so I can get this too work. Thanks in advance.

    -Andy G.

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