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  • After TinyMCE Advanced update, all buttons appear in WP Page Edit except the Edit Image button. I dragged it out of the row it was in, saved the setup, cleared the cache. Then I dragged it back onto a row, saved the setup and cleared the cache. Still no Edit Image button. I repeated the above using different rows but still no Edit Image button.

    Everything else is working okay. I use the Edit Image function a lot so I need that button. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    In WordPress 3.9 images are inserted and edited from the media modal (the Add Media button above the editor). I’ll fix this plugin so it is possible to use the “standard” TinyMCE image button too, but it has less options.

    btw is it normal that the wp image options don’t have a scaling option?

    That’s why the tiny-mce image button is quite important for me too. I can scale the images via html too but its more time consuming (have to calculate the different size)

    Please bring the button back, I miss it so much. 🙂

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    Adding the TinyMCE image button should be fixed in the latest development version: This will include the default popup, however it is not the same as in TinyMCE 3.x 🙂

    Excellent work! Thank you very much.

    Another vote for bringing back the Edit Image button. I used it daily and would dearly love to have it back.

    I installed the dev version for this plug in and indeed I now have an edit image button, which is great, but the button I miss was one which let me quickly add a thumbnail with pop up images, with fast and easy features for selecting right / left / center align and default margins on all four sides, and an option for adding the description as either a caption or a hovering tool tip.

    I had that button in the UltimateTinyMCE plug in which I had to delete because it was replaced by the WP Edit plug in and *that* updated plug in was s complete and utter disappointment.

    So, switched to this one, and I’m MUCH much happier. I just miss that little image pop up button so very dearly. Anyone else know the button I’m referring to?

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    If I understand right, this popup button was actually part of WordPress 3.8 and earlier. In 3.9 it is replaced by an Edit Image “view” in the media modal (the same place where images can be uploaded), that opens when you click the pencil popup button. It doesn’t have all features like the old modal, but there already are few plugins that add some back.

    Hi Andrew,
    I created a trac ticket about this:

    Is this the button everyone is referring to?

    Here is a Screenshot of my altered image button addon… since the original didn’t work for some reason with core. This is from wp3.9 tinymce4.

    As you’ve said.. it’s not the same as in Tinymce3 😉

    Having fun with this update yet?? :):)

    I have one site I didn’t update to WP3.9 so I still have the button I miss. It’s called EasyImsge by FFh Lab / Eric Lequien. I could insert the image from a URL, align it r/l/c, set all 4 margins, add a tool tip, and it opened in a pop up in my pages and posts — and did it all so quickly. Much better than using the more traditional media insert buttons.

    That sounds like it was one of the buttons (written for the open source community), which I got working in Ultimate Tinymce.

    But, this update has changed everything, and almost all addons did not work with the new Tinymce4. If Eric Lequien has an update for this available in open source.. we can get it immediately and see if we can implement it into the plugin.

    Will you take a screenshot of the old button popup window.. and post it over on my plugin’s support forum? You’ll have to save the image online somewhere, and link to it from the forum.

    I can’t promise anything.. but I can see if it’s something feasible for me to develop.

    I have only just spotted that the insert gallery button is completely missing from my Tiny mce editor.

    I tried disabling plugins but nothing brings it back. My site :

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    @foxicus not sure which button you’re referring to. You can always add WP galleries with the “Add Media” button that’s above the editor.

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