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  • hi, I want to ask how to edit footer text like proudly presented by…..
    I go to footer.php~ but it unlike something I famliar with

    * The template for displaying the footer.
    * Contains the closing of the #content div and all content after
    * @package Oblique

    </div><!– #content –>

    <?php do_action( ‘oblique_footer_svg’ ); ?>
    <footer id=”colophon” class=”site-footer” role=”contentinfo”>
    <div class=”site-info container”>
    <?php do_action( ‘oblique_footer’ ); ?>
    </div><!– .site-info –>
    </footer><!– #colophon –>
    </div><!– #page –>

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>


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  • Hello casteryee1,

    Add below PHP code into your currently active theme’s functions.php file.

    For remove credits.
    remove_action( 'oblique_footer', 'oblique_footer_credits' );

    For add another text or credits

    add_action( 'oblique_footer', 'site_footer_credits' ); 
    function site_footer_credits() {
      echo '&copy; '.date('Y').' '.get_bloginfo( 'name' ); // Shows like © 2018 Site Name

    Note : All Changes you done in funtions.php or other file are gone when you update theme. So prefer Child Theme

    Hope this will helps you.


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