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  • Can some one please help me edit the footer links on my newly built website with Mantra theme?

    The person who started building the website added their own site link in the footer which I want to remove.

    In the very least I want that link to open to another page, not drive traffic away from my site.

    Thanking you in advance.

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  • This theme is hook oriented.

    That part inside the <div id="site-info"> should be unhooked and rehooked via child theme’s function, but there is no sign of your site using child theme, this leads to the conclusion that the parent theme itself was edited directly.

    You could view this same file inside your theme

    Look for this function mantra_site_info() see if it was edited, if so, just replace the whole file with the theme’s original.

    Next, make a child theme and do the right thing in child theme’s function.

    In addition to that, the theme has an option to put your own copyright text ( and link ) in the footer area, do that under theme’s setting page, and it will appear before the theme copyright.

    Hi Paul

    Thank you for your response. I am very confused as I do not understand this language. Iv been to theme setting but do not know where i go after themes / settings. Are you saying I need to change my theme to one which is called ‘child’? I am unable to find such a theme. 🙁

    Child theme’s documentation is here.

    In short, it’s a skin theme, a way to make modification to theme so that when the theme itself is updated, there would be no lost in any changes made.

    This has nothing to do with Theme’s setting page, you can’t set child theme via theme’s setting page. Child theme need to be created and installed and activated.

    This theme has 2 sets of footer copyright text.

    a. The theme’s copyright “Powered by Mantra and WP”

    b. The optional your own custom copyright text.

    The a. you can’t do nothing without doing thing in PHP file, and no body will recommend you or anyone who are not familiar with PHP to edit template on a live site because it risks making mistake.

    The b. you could manage to do it under theme’s setting, it’s available under the option with a lable “Custom Footer Text”. This theme setting is for user to put in text so there’s no risk making mistake to take the site down or anything.

    The a. is what’s bothering you because it’s been altered, I think, to the theme file directly, details in my first post.

    Do 2 things under Theme’s Setting page.

    Put this in under “Custom CSS”

    #site-info { display:none; }

    and put your own copyright text in under “Custom Footer Text”

    That’s all you need to do.

    Thank you so much!

    Hi Paulwpxp, seems things have changed in Mantra 2.2.2, can you help look into how i can edit the footer links for this? thank you.

    Use this instead

    #footer2 > div:last-child { display: none; }

    Hi Paulwpxp!

    How to remove the “Powered by mantra & wordpress” in Mantra 2.3.4 in best or easiest way? I am a newbe.


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