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    I’ve been searching all over the forum for this, and perhaps I don’t know enough about php to figure it out from other related posts.
    That said, How do I edit my footer in the Sundance theme? I’d like to have copyright information with no hyperlinks. Thank you!

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    Hi there, the credits are in the file footer.php.

    The best way to make these sorts of changes to a theme is to use a child theme, so your tweaks won’t be overwritten when updating the theme. Here are some guides in case you haven’t made one before:

    In your child theme, place a copy of footer.php.

    Remove lines 16-19 and replace them with whatever footer text you like.

    Just let me know if you need further help.

    Hello! I should have been clearer in my original post. I like that it is one color to the left of the vertical bar, and another to the right of it. I actually tried taking the <a href></a> out in line 17. This got rid of the link, but it also got rid of the color. I then tried your suggestion removing lines 16-19 and typing in my footer. That also made it all one color. From there, I then tried <body style:"red";>Left half of vertical bar text</body> | Right half or vertical bar text. That then made it all red. Perhaps I’m also lacking on my html knowledge?? Sorry if I’m being dense.

    I do have a child theme set up. Thanks again for your help!

    Moderator Kathryn


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    Hi there, I think it might be a little easier to help if I could see your site – could you provide a link so I can have a look? Thanks!

    Is your goal to have something like this?

    Some text here in colour #1 | <a href="">A link here in colour #2</a>

    I just figured it out! It was CSS. And you had my goal except I didn’t want ANY links anywhere in the footer. This is what I did to my footer.php file, line 17:
    – took out the entire <a> tag
    – added <span style="color:red">Line 17</span>

    I also changed the text to what I wanted.

    Thank you so much for your help!


    Moderator Kathryn


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    Great, glad you’re all set!

    Just a small tip that it’s better practice to separate your styles and keep them in your CSS file. So you’d have something like this in your footer.php:

    <span class="myfooter">Line 17</span>

    And this in your style.css:

    .myfooter {
       color: #f00;

    Just did it! Thanks again.

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