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  1. doppledoer
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi, I'm having trouble editing the file browser tab. I am referring to the one in the write-post page, that allows you to edit files once you've uploaded them. Basically, I want to hide the part where the url is displayed. Unfortunately, I can't find the respective code in wp-admin that needs to be hidden. It's driving me crazy! I've successfully used this advice to get rid of the browse-all tab, but I just can't manage this simple next step.

    I feel like I've found the place. It's in wp-admin/inlcudes/upload.php underneath this: <table><col /><col class="widefat" />. It looks perfect, but it only appears to affect the upload tab, not the browse tab. It's so frustrating!

    Does anyone know how to edit the browse tab?

    Much appreciated,


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