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    I’m fairly new to wordpress, and I’m using it for a school project. In this said project, we’re supposed to create a marketplace. Where users can put up items for sale, or for trade. When an item is put up for sale, or for trade, a row in a database is created.

    Let’s call this database “saleadverts”. This database have the columns title, content, image, user_id etcetc. All the stuff that a post like that would need.

    My question, though, is this;
    It’s really easy to edit this table from phpmyadmin, or any other SQL-management tool. Are there any easy way to have a similar type of menu inside the wordpress admin dashboard? So that when the “customer” recieves the webpage, he can edit the database table easily himself, without having to know SQL.

    I’ve been looking at the “edit any table”-plugin, but that doesn’t allow creation of new rows, and there’s also no possibility of printing the entire table.

    Does anyone know any plugins, or easy ways to solve my issue?

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  • I would rather say not to give access to database to public. BTW you can use WooCommerce plugin for maintaining products.



    very awesome

    Another option that might work a whole lot better is creating your own Custom Post Type. That way you can set up the correct fields as well as any other features that you’ll need for the sale items. This also leets you use WordPress’s standard admin functions to manage most of it. There’s ways of workign with these on the front end ass well, but that can be something that you can look into yourself.

    Whatever you do, do not ever give users (even admin users) direct database access. At best there’ll be a typo that will break everything, and at worst, your database can be completely deleted.

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