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  • So I know how to edit code in single posts or pages. In that case I go to “edit page” or “edit post”. Then I go to code editor to create elements and so on. Or what ever I want to create.

    But.. How can I do this for my home/main-page? There is no button on the homepage where I can press “edit homepage” or something like that.

    So if I for example want to add HTML for my site title. For example a <span> function in within my title.. How can I do that for my main page?

    Is this done in a particular PHP-file or something? And in that case which file?

    Thanks/ Sitebuilder

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  • Sounds like it’s time to use your favourite Search Engine and look for: WordPress Tutorials. That will help you learn using it.

    For your current question you need to understand you want to change your Layout, which is very different from a Page or Post. For that you use:

    Admin -> Appearance -> Customize

    Or when logged in as Admin you should see an Admin bar at the very top of every page on the Front end. There you should also see a “Customize” link. Both take you to the same location. Now you are Editing your Theme Layout.

    Each Theme is a little bit different with the Options provided and you will need to spend some time learning how to make the changes you want.


    But in Customize I can only change the CSS it seems. And for what I want to achieve I need to first change the HTML of the homepage/main page. And I don’t know where to do that.

    How did you make out with your problem?

    Did you find this area:
    Admin -> Pages: (select your page)

    If situation resolved would you mark this thread as Resolved or post what’s happening now.

    Hmm I did not find it. Maybe looking at the wrong spot.

    But what I’ve found is that probably only way to edit this is in one of the PHP-files. But I am not sure if that is correct. I don’t know how to change letters inside of a single word using PHP though. So I have left this problem for the future when I get time over to investigate it deeply

    Website Rob


    What you are confronted with is a stumbling block most WordPress Beginners experience. That is why I had suggested you Search on Tutorials.

    You say you can Edit a Page or Post and that is the Content of the page. To Edit Theme Header, Footer, Menu, Widgets and such, one uses the Customize option. That is usually where the confusion comes in.

    So if I for example want to add HTML for my site title. For example a <span> function in within my title.. How can I do that for my main page?

    Site Title is a Theme option, not a Page option.

    Admin -> Appearance -> Customize -> Navigation -> Site Identity

    That is usually where one Edits the Site Logo, Site Title, etc. Being as it is a Theme option, it will apply to every page. Learning how to properly use Theme options can be an Art in itself.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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