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  • Hi! php is a different world for me and over time I will get there! Yet 4 now I want to add Google Analytics to my blog
    and an affiliate link & I cannot find a html editor to do it with, i.e. in WP Admin view. Nothing but the theme (php) editor & it does not allow me to find what &/or where I need to be.
    TIA, dp

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  • just change the html php file and put it new to your ftp adress, by blogs is much faster and easyer 😉
    just put the script in to a new template box and thats it
    😉 chhers

    Hey Club, Tnx 4 reply.

    My wife tells me (When I am looking 4 something) That it is right in front of me!
    Honest Club … I have looked all over the “WP” Amin. page (e.g. Dashboard.){All 31 different pages.} for a “TEMPLATE BOX” and I have not found one any where! 🙁

    I have look in every Folder 4 WP on my server & I have not found a “HTML.php” file 🙁 And When I do, where do I enter the Script?

    IOWs >>>change the html php file <<< How? I do not understand php! (Yet!) … AND …
    >>>put it new to your ftp adress<<< Do U mean to up load it to same folder (That I believe u will tell me which one “Where?”) and replace the one I downloaded (to edit)?

    I hope U to have mercy on NuBee itus!!! TIA, dp, as I am about my FATHER’s Business!
    Making A Difference And Helping Other People Reach Their Goals!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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