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  • I just noticed this today. The edit post box has grown to what I think is probably a couple of hundred lines long. I went over to Settings>Writing, where I recall that was where one could set how many lines the edit box should be. But that setting is actually missing.

    Has anyone else noticed this since upgrading? Or has that setting moved somewhere?

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  • Yes – have exact same problem on 3.5 on both Firefox and IE.

    Have tried flushing caches, disenabling plug-ins, alternative browser, re-installing. The one thing I haven’t done yet is manual re-install.

    Have also tried to re-produce the problem with similar configuration on a separate test installation on same server, and have been unable to do it.

    Will do the manual re-install soon, was hoping I’d run across the solution first…

    Did the manual re-install. Did not help. Deleted all unused plug-ins. Did not help. Tried a different theme. Did not help. Checked without all plug-ins inactive. Still there. Have flushed caches several times. About the only thing I haven’t touched is the wp-cache “drop-in.”

    Tis a mystery to me.

    They changed it to a resize box. Just drag the corner and make it any size you want.

    Well, the edit box is always had that ability. And I doubt that they defaulted it to a million lines long, so something’s amiss. I did try resizing it using the handle, but it didn’t seem to take. When going back to edit, the box reverted to being really long.

    Yes, you can re-size the box using the handle, but on save or open the post reverts to humungous.

    I find numerous error-warnings on the Java Console, not sure which are critical or relevant, but looking at the source code I find: div id="wp-content-editor-container" class="wp-editor-container"><textarea class="wp-editor-area" style="height: 5000px" cols="40" name="content" id="content"><p>I</p>

    Question could be: where does that “height: 5000px” come from…

    OK – mrmonster – not sure why this happens, maybe if you “just once” resize your editing box to very large, you get stuck in a loop

    but this works for now at least as a hack:

    in the includes/class-wp-editor.php file you’ll find

    Line 74: 		elseif ( $set['editor_height'] > 5000 )
    	Line 75: 			$set['editor_height'] = 5000;

    if you change the last 5000 on line 75 to a smaller number – say 300 or whatever you prefer – then save the file, the ginormous box will re-size to that height.

    May later look at more elaborate fixes or commenting out more code, unless someone who KNOWS comes along with a real fix.

    Yep – I’d say this qualifies as a bug. Have tested it on a second installation, and, if you once size the editing box too large, it sets the editor height on all subsequent saves or opens at 5000. Not desirable behavior, to say the least.

    Will report to bug-central later on. Do I get a cookie?

    Dude,you should totally get a cookie! For both your industriousness and for the workaround. So, two cookies, actually.

    The fix worked. Thanks for delving into this.

    It’s an active bug ticket. Just submitted additional information on it.

    Thanks to you for putting up this item, as I was tearing out my hair in “is it just me?”-land.



    Brilliant post and thanks mrmonster and kymar…I was well into the “it must be me, what have I broken!?” point

    So I was delighted when I found your post and it’s such a simple workaround fix. Thank you!



    my pleasure, actually, and I’m glad it worked for you. I was being too sarcastic with the cookie thing, since I have benefited enormously over the years from other people’s freely offered work on WordPress and other Open Source software. My impression from visiting the the ticket-tracking thread again is that they’re “on it” and will probably be solved soon.



    Thank you very much! I was editing some core files and fixing some bugs earlier today. After a long morning, I clicked on one of my pages and noticed the text edit area set at 5000px. I instantly got that sinking feeling that I messed something up and had no idea where along the lines it might have been. This thread just saved me some stress.

    Thanks again.

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