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  • Currently it is impossible to edit the attachment after they have been uploaded. I find that it is a pity since an attachment is nothing but a special post. Moreover the right line is there in the post.php file and it requires a non-existent file: edit-attachment-form.php.

    Replacing this file by edit-form-advanced.php apparently does the trick. It’d be great if some of the developers could give some advice about that. Even better, if someone has written the file edit-attachment-form.php, i’d like to have a look at it.


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  • No idea on the reference to edit-attachment-form.php. Perhaps an overzealous developer planning for the future (well, a possible future)?

    The ability to edit attachments (i.e. uploads) from the post editor as if they’re regular posts would probably be a bit confusing to many. However, it would be nice (or at least logical) to be able to edit attachment titles and descriptions through the Browse options, instead of having to delete and re-upload.

    By the by, with the “attachment slug” or rather postname of an attachment, you can use this query on your blog:


    Not very useful, but interesting. 🙂

    Interesting indeed 🙂

    I don’t think that it would be so confusing to edit an attachment like a post since when using the option “Linked to Page” the attachment appears exactly as a post. It has a title, a content and possibly comments. Beside, changing the code to allow to edit an attachment like a post would require very little work.

    However i agree with you that one should also be able to edit an attachment’s information through the Browse options.

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